Pitch to midi to dmx to LEDs and Lasers!

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Pitch to midi to dmx to LEDs and Lasers!

Postby tangointhenight » Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:45 pm

Hi, I play in a few bands professionally, and have just ordered an i2m which I await with much anticipation!
I have a Korg M3M module I plan to use it with, but I am also wondering how it could be used to control our fairly sophisticated lighting rig. Currently with our small pub band (coldfeettheband.com) I use a behringer 1010 midi foot pedal to select pre-programmed patches and lighting states with a laptop and (free) ADJ my dmx2 lighting software (highly recommended) controlling loads of DMX Lasers, LED fx lights and par cans etc; but I was wondering if anyone else was mad enough to have done something similar already, or was planning to?
It could be pretty dramatic used in conjunction with guitar solo's?!?
I'm also wondering if I could play the pre-programmed chords of the M3 module like this, rather than single notes? The M3m does this very well with a single touch pad so it must be possible surely?

Cant wait for the thing to arrive so I can start playing! Cheers Kenny
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Re: Pitch to midi to dmx to LEDs and Lasers!

Postby james » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:08 pm

I think this is certainly possible. I remember people talking about doing this a few years ago, but I've never seen it working first-hand.

As for triggering pre-programmed chords, this should be simple to do. Just setup the M3 to respond to a particular MIDI note, then it'll be triggered when you play that note.

You may find the MIDI zones setup a useful place to look in the i2M editor. With this you can configure up to 6 zones. Each zone can cover a specific range of MIDI notes (the notes you play) and modify them before they are sent as MIDI. One example would be to split the guitar neck into 6 zones, and send only 1 note in each zone regardless of what you play (use the constrainer option). Then you would trigger 6 (and only 6) specific MIDI note events but still be able to play any guitar notes you want. It's a starting point to explore, anyway.
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