Kaossilator loops & drum backup with G2M

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Kaossilator loops & drum backup with G2M

Postby slate » Sun May 16, 2010 9:47 am

Good morning, everyone,

The fast response (low latency) of the G2M allows you to use
the 8 or 16 beat loop recording of the Korg Kaossillator to
play a drum backup overlaid with a bass or synth and turn it
to MIDI that can add more drums or other instruments (a piano
makes a nice percussion instrument) with MIDI synths.

Since you can play the Kaossillator independently of the loop,
what you can build with the help of the G2M is a piece where
all of this is happening at the same time:

* you are playing your main musical line on the Korg
* the synths are following that line via the G2M
* the Korg is looping through its drum/bass/etc. backup
* the synths are following the drum/bass/etc. backup

The resulting sonic texture is very rich. Since your main line
can also be a "chord" patch because the G2M is fast enough to
catch the individual notes that the Korg outputs, some very
"edgy" rock pieces with heavy drums can be performed.

The key to this is that the G2M is fast, can register the notes
being output by the Kaossillator and convert them, and so
sees the output as a single stream of notes that have a broad
pitch range. The Korg uses psychoacoustics to "trick" the
player and audience into hearing chords, but while you can
fool the listeners...

You cannot fool the G2M!


Well, that is all for a while. I hope you experiment with the
G2M. It has a much wider range of applications than simply
turning guitar into MIDI.


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Re: Kaossilator loops & drum backup with G2M

Postby jeek » Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:57 am

Great idea. Can't wait to try it out.
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