Idea for future development.

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Idea for future development.

Postby cmomentum » Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:38 am


First of all, I would like to say...
I bought the i2M last!...this is a wonderful product.
Guitar-synth enthousiasts are no longer forced to buy expansive equipment to get ''the magic''.

I don't want to pay for a floor broard, I have one already.
I don't want to pay for an integrated synthesizer...I already have 12 synths that are far better!!!!
And I certainly don't want to use a (relatively hard to find) 13-pin cable!!!
All I need is a converter.
Sonuus understood that!!!!!.........Yay!

The only disadvantage to this simplified design is that it's monophonic, simply due to the fact that is doesn't use a hex pickup.
So, I have an idea for future development, if you venture into the polyphonic avenue.
It would simply be a usb hex pickup.
Like other designs,
it could be a hex pickup mounted close to the bridge...
wired to....the breakout box(in this case, the converter itself) attached to the guitar in same way as Roland's GK pickup.
And then, straight to usb...instead of the 13-pin cable.

''Oh cool, what I good idea'', I thought.
But...there is a problem with that design!
what if someone uses more than one guitar in a live situation?
He would have to unplug the usb cable and plug it back onto another guitar (equipped with another hex pickup)
It's certainly not a good idea to interrupt/lose a usb feed during a live show.

Well, there is a simple way to avoid this problem.
the converter could be detachable!
the converter would be partially connected to a ''mounted dock''.
The mounted dock...wired to the hex pickup.
This way you never lose the usb feed.

I made a blueprint to illustrate my Idea...


I think this approach would remain relatively simple and affortable for consumers...and a very appealing choice.

Sonuus could sell multiple packages...

1. the complete kit GUITAR VERSION...converter + dock/hex pickup(fitted for guitars)
2. additionnal dock/hex pickup(fitted for guitars) that could be mounted on other guitars.

3. the complete kit BASS VERSION...converter + dock/hex pickup(fitted for bass)
4. additionnal dock/hex pickup(fitted for bass) that could be mounted on other bass.

A customer could start with a complete kit for guitar and later buy an additional dock/hex for bass and use the same converter for both.

Isn't that a good Idea!
I accept your compliments in advance...hahaha just kidding!

And thank you for the wonderful alternatives that are..the i2M, G2M and B2M.
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Re: Idea for future development.

Postby james » Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:41 am

Thanks for the suggestion, I really like it! Particularly having a detachable processing unit... it makes a lot of sense.
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