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Postby popylexy » Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:08 am

What microphone is best for dialogue in a movie? I am making a film, but obviously the microphone on my camera (Canon HG10) is insufficient for shooting scenes with dialogue. What is the best microphone attachment to use?
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Re: microphone

Postby james » Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:33 am

Is the speaker of the dialog visible in the movie, or is it a voice over off-camera?

For off-camera voice overs, I use a decent large-diaphragm mic (Audio Technica AT 4033, I think) through a nice preamp that can supply phantom power, then into the computer through an i2M musicport to capture the audio.

For on-camera voice you may need something that works from a further distance so the mic isn't visible on camera. If a visible mic isn't a problem, a small clip-on "Lavalier" mic is a good option, then you get good intimate result.

Either way, you probably need something that can provide phantom power to the mic, and give some preamplification (there are lots of these available, either as standalone units or part of PC sound interfaces).

When recording you want to ensure the audio is sync'd correctly. You can do this by syncing the camera's audio with the "good" audio when editing. Sometimes using a clapperboard (or something similar) is a good idea too so you can get a good sync between the visual of the clapperboard closing and the audio click from it.
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