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B2M question

Postby melonseed » Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:47 pm

Hello, I just purchased a B2M. I am trying to use it with a program called EarMaster6 on my Mac. There is a rhythm site reading exercise that allows one to use the Bass as a midi device when tapping out the correct rhythm rather than just tapping the space bar. I thought this would be an excellent way to train my rhythm site reading skill on my Bass. What I am finding is that often when I pluck the string on any particular fret I get multiple MIDI clicks rather than just one per pluck of the string. This really makes the exercise impossible to use with my Bass. I have adjusted the volume which works partially. I have switched between 2 basses;one with active electronics and one without to no avail. I am not clipping. Can you help with this? Thanks very much.
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Re: B2M question

Postby james » Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:18 am

My first thought is that Chromatic mode may be set on the B2M. In this mode, if the bass is slightly out of tune playing a note can sometimes cause two notes to be played: the first note is sharp or flat then it corrects it to the correct note once it has had more time to analyse it.

If chromatic mode is off, this doesn't happen. Instead, if the first note was wrong, it will pitch-bend it back to the correct note. This happens so quickly you can't hear it. So, I suggest you make sure Chromatic mode is off.

Also remember that for best timing (lowest latency) play higher notes and avoid the lower octaves. It takes longer to measure the pitch of a low note so there has to be a delay between you plucking the string and the MIDI note getting to the software. Playing higher notes avoids this because the pitch can be measured much more quickly. Then you'll get the best timing into the software for the rhythm training.
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