electric bass piano to b2m

The B2M™ Universal Bass to MIDI Converter.

electric bass piano to b2m

Postby franklinstower » Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:04 am

Hello I am new to the forum and have a couple of questions--- checking if I can do this configuration.

I want to run audio signal from my bass electric piano- split it- one audio goes through the b2m and into a synth and then into a speaker, the other audio goes straight from the piano through the splitter and to a separate speaker. The idea here is that I could play my bass piano and get clean bass off the piano through one speaker and also be playing a minitaur through the other.

Also if anyone here knows weather or not the b2m tracks well with a Rhodes bass piano (I am thinking it would splendidly) that would be great-- thanks.
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