Can I play my guitar through a B2M too?

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Can I play my guitar through a B2M too?

Postby GeoffMuton » Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:12 pm

Hello there,
I play both guitar and bass at home and I'm interested in using midi sounds, but I'd rather not have to buy both the B2M and the G2M.
I was wondering whether the B2M would be as good as a G2M v2, or whether I'd need both?

Many thanks.
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Re: Can I play my guitar through a B2M too?

Postby james » Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:47 pm

The B2M and G2M are very similar, but have different ranges of notes which they can detect.

The B2M won't track the highest octave of a guitar. The G2M won't track below a low A on a 4-string bass.

Unless you need to use the lowest notes, I would suggest to get the G2M. It works very well for bass, except for the very lowest notes. And these low notes have more conversion time (latency) because their frequency is so low. If you want to play fast bass lines you need to do this on a higher octave to get the tracking speed (nothing to do with the B2M, just the physics of how long it takes to measure a low frequency), so here the B2M gives no benefit. Where the B2M is particularly useful is for overlaying MIDI sounds on top of the bass sound when playing more slowly; then you can play all the bass notes and get real-time MIDI textures layered on top.

The i2M musicport (which uses USB-MIDI rather than traditional 5-pin MIDI) has both the G2M and B2M modes inside, and lots more configuration options too. So, that gives the most flexibility.
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