Yorkie, Mongoose: B2M + G2M

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Yorkie, Mongoose: B2M + G2M

Postby james » Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:55 pm

Sonuus are proud to announce the endorsement of Yorkie, former member of Liverpool Indie giants SPACE (Neighbourhood, Female Of The Species, Avenging Angels), and now working on the Mongoose project.

Of the B2M and G2M he says:

"Whilst working on the MOONGOOSE album 'Organic Technology' I was worried about how to take it to the live stage without being heavily reliant on Keyboards.

I saw an advert for SONNUS products G2M & B2M and immediately found the solution.

As a bassist, I found the B2M gave me all of the control I needed over my soft synths, without having to play a keyboard. I now happily play a Moog, Cello, Synth & even Melodica with my usual trusty old bass.

The G2M gives us the ability to layer and warp already warped guitars by adding synth/string textures to the sound.
The latency is non-existant and MOONGOOSE would highly recommend both of these wonderful units.

This is truly 'Organic Technology'...thanks SONNUS."

You can see more on his page here: http://www.sonuus.com/users_yorkie.html
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