i2M and Yamaha MD-BT01

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i2M and Yamaha MD-BT01

Postby Dobloz » Thu May 26, 2016 11:44 am

Hi there,
I've recently bought an i2M from you direct.
This is a great device!
Do you know of a way it could send the MIDI info via bluetooth direct to a YAMAHA MD-BT01, without using a computer?

The setup i'd like to get working is to play some keyboard sounds via the i2M - without using a computer.

Here is a description of the setup in my head.
1) I play a note on the bass, through the i2M, which transmits a note/MIDI command via bluetooth to a YAMAHA MD-BT01 bluetooth midi device.
2) The YAMAHA MD-BT01 will be plugged into my Yamaha SY55 keyboard's MIDI ports, and will then play the MIDI note/command on the keyboard.

I know that you make the G2M, but i'm trying to do this wirelessly... without spending too much money on more equipment?

Ideally I would like a bluetooth i2M or G2m type device...

Any thoughts?
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