Still Unable To Use i2M With Ableton Live

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Still Unable To Use i2M With Ableton Live

Postby mogruith » Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:07 pm

Hi James

I posted previously on the issues I was having on getting i2M to work within Live.

You gave me helpful advice and there was some progress, Live recognizes the ASIO i2M driver and I can get to hear audio when using
my guitar. Chained settings is activated with the slider down to about a quarter.

Unfortunately though I am still not hearing any VST which I load into Live, metering is showing so I'm guessing that I am missing something
very obvious to do with configuring the channels in Live when using i2M

Anyhow here's a link showing a print-screen to give you a clearer insight. As you can see I have an audio channel (that has my Amplitube open for the guitar)
and a midi channel for a Bass VST.

I'm hoping it's just me not seeing the obvious and that with a simple configuration within Live I can get back to enjoying my 12M

Any help to solve this will be greatly appreciated.
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