cannot get my i2m mid konverter to work with reason 10

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cannot get my i2m mid konverter to work with reason 10

Postby DrJoris » Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:20 pm

I recently bought an i2m and after installation according to the directions given, it worked immediately.
After 1 week I had to pull the usb out because some new ecquipment had to be installed ( I use windows 10)
When , 2 weeks later I plugged the usb in again I could not get any sound from the VST, I set the driver in Reason preferences to ASIO i2m musicport ASIO, and under controlsurfaces I created
(under other surfaces) a controlsurface (when I use autodetect Sonuus i2M is not found. On the ASIO controlpanel from the i2m I checked :use chained output device, I also checked ASIO 1output (stereo). I do see and hear that it works as just a guitar Hi-Z adapter and when I raise the input monitor level I get a clean guitar sound. But no midi sound and also the (green light) after some seconds stops
so there is no light at all. I am not a technician so my skills are limited but can you advise me what to do or shall I return the device to the shop where I bough it? (I have only 2 days left to return it) hope you can help because when it worked it was a good device for recording

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