Couple Issues

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Couple Issues

Postby RyqPeden » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:32 am

Hey James!

I put an eventide h9 in my rig and it has a pre/post function where I can use its stereo inputs and outputs as two separate loops so I can essentially insert the effect in front of my amp or in the effect loop. The issue with the Wahoo is when the h9 is in front of it the wahoo starts to screech when engaged (a gritty whistling sound when sweeping the filter). Is there a setting in the wahoo to fix this or will I need some type of buffer or something?

The other issue, I was messing around with the different methods of engaging the pedal. After trying them out the footswitch seemed to stop working and the LED light near it started blinking and I couldn't get it to switch states. I unplugged it and then it was working. Tried out the different options again and the same thing happened. It locked up with the bypass LED flashing.

Thanks for any help, as I've mentioned before this pedal is essential in my rig, love it, especially now that I adjusted the tension to match my Voluum pedal.

If only you made a mod pedal!
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Re: Couple Issues

Postby james » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:51 am

Hey Ryq!

The screeching is possibly caused by a ground loop on the power connections so that power-line noise from the H9/Wahoo gets into the audio signal. Are these pedals sharing the same power supply? Try running the Wahoo from a dedicated separate supply (or even on batteries) to check if this solves the problem. If it does you'll need to look at how the power is connected to the pedals.

If the LED flashes, you have switched to preset-select mode. A "long press" on the footswitch does this. To get out of the mode, do another long press on the footswitch. The time required for a long press to be detected can be configured using the Wahoo editor, so you can make it longer to avoid doing it by mistake, or shorter to be able to switch presets more quickly.

Good to know you got the tension adjusted :-)

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Re: Couple Issues

Postby RyqPeden » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:26 am


I just have to say thank you for the excellent and dedicated customer service.

I'm running everything but the h9 on an individually isolated power supply, so I'll try this solution tonight. Will be awesome if it fixes the issue, as running some of those raunchy synth and octave effects before the filter should be the cat's pajamas.

Oh, my band's album drops in April. Wahoo and voluum were a huge part of it! Thanks for creating pedals that allow us to make crazy sounds and reproduce those sounds live!
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