External Preset Switching Suggestion

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External Preset Switching Suggestion

Postby fretwhizzy » Sun Nov 09, 2014 9:09 am

Firstly what a great pedal, thanks!

I'm considering using the MIdi out port as a preset changing method as described in the manual (a very neat idea I thought!), which leads me to a request which I hope wouldn't be too hard to incorporate in your development. There are times when I don't want to use a full Midi footpedal and in those a simple (I hope!) additional function would really add to the Voluum's utility.

At present I understand I can only switch through the presets one by one sending out program changes as the presets pass. What I'd like to be added would be a "cue mode", when both external pedals were pressed simultaneously cue mode would be entered which would temporarily disable preset changes and midi program messages. The user could then skip over unwanted patches until they reached the desired preset on the Voluum and on pressing both buttons simultaneously again the desired preset would be loaded on the Voluum and the corresponding midi program change sent to switch other midi gear appropriately.

Would this be possible?

Best Regards, Alan
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