Main button, in out fell out

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Main button, in out fell out

Postby triplanetaary » Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:48 am

My bypass button fell apart on my Voluum. It was a good switch but not afixxed like I would prefer, seems a little overengineered.
I got it new From Reverb new from Dave's Shop. Getting an OEM replacement from there is is not going to happen.
I use this thing for work and I need a replacement now.
Does anybody have any suggestions ? If it is a single pole soft touch switch I would get something far superior to a stock switch like some NASA or Airforce overstock and be done with.
If I need an original switch for some reason, who would you go to ?

Have you ever been on a roll and a great piece of gear shows itself to be less than the perfection it was giving you. That is me right now.
I even got a preset programmer made up and made sure it was easily reproduceable. Was even going to put them next to Streetly Mellotronics and DiPinto in the liner notes.

Wish me luck, Help me if you can
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Re: Main button, in out fell out

Postby james » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:02 am

Sorry to hear you're footswitch failed. We can send you a replacement (send me a PM with your details).

The footswitch hole on the case is a standard size and shape, so any "standard" footswitch should work fine. You need a simple momentary type of switch (not latching) because all the signal bypass switching is done with relays. A single-pole switch (SPST) is all you need; if you get a switch with more poles it's not a problem, you only need to use one set of connections.
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