Hello - I am new, just got my Voluum! :)

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Hello - I am new, just got my Voluum! :)

Postby howarddavidp » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:26 pm


My name is David Howard, and I just got my Voluum pedal and I am super happy. I have some questions as I am new to Sonuus and this board.
I have played guitar for 20+ years as a hobby, some live/band experience, mostly at home practice & recordings.
I updated the firmware to the latest 1.5, and also installed the editor on my Windows 10 x64 laptop. It was super easy, no hangups, but I also have worked in IT for 20 years as well.

#1) Is this board the best/most active place to discuss usage of this pedal? If not, what is the board?
#2) Is here or elsewhere the best place to discuss settings, possible exchange patches, etc.

I have already found a patch I would like to create, but I might need some help as this is my 1st patch I am trying to make. It is as follows:

In the recent EVH solo's, Eddie does this thing with his tremolo where he dive bombs while tapping his custom kill switch to make a "chop" effect, and the effect increases in rate as he drop the trem, so the lower the pitch goes, the faster the chop cut's the volume in-and-out. I would like to be able to do this with the Voluum, so that while the pedal is in the heel position, and I click in the pedal, I have a slow volume chop, then as I hit an open string and drop the Floyd Rose, I also rock the pedal from heel to toe, thus increasing the rate of the chop.

One of the factory presets almost does this, but it cuts the volume while all the way in the heel position too much. For the effect, the volume should go from 100% on to 100% off, and quickly cut between each with almost no ramp time, quick and fast cuts.

I have been messing around in the editor trying to get this correct, but like I said, yesterday was Day#1.

Thanks for any help, and I am glad to join your board.

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Re: Hello - I am new, just got my Voluum! :)

Postby james » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:39 am

Hello David,

It's glad to have you on board!

Here is probably the best place to discuss deep technical details. However, there's more traffic on the bigger sites, such as https://www.thegearpage.net/ where I know some Sonuus users hang out.

It's good to share presets here (we have a forum topic for that), but not many people have done that. I think mainly because so many people end up using only the factory presets!

What factory preset are you using as your starting point? Feel free to attach presets to this thread and I can try them out and see if together we can tweak things to get what you want.
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