G2M V3 to KORG Pa600. How to conect?

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G2M V3 to KORG Pa600. How to conect?

Postby rumen » Mon May 15, 2017 10:54 am

A few days ago I bought SONNUS G2M V3. I conected the guitar to the converter MIDI/OUT with MIDI 5PIN cable to MIDI/IN to the keyboard KORG PA600.
Conecting the SONNUS to the keyboard , I had sound signal , but not what I expected and what I saw and heard at the G2M convertor advertiser . For me , most of the times , the guitar sounds like an untuned , not clear piano and the sound doesn't change , even if I change the instrument from the sinthesizer . Other times , the guitar plays a different instrument sound , but the quality of it is very poor and unclear . I noticed that all the midi channels of the keyboard are OFF at the moment. At the convertor , all 8 switches are off.
Would you , please , explain to me exactly what corrections I must do and how I should make the conection of the PA600 and the convertor? Unfortunately , I don't have any idea about this .
All this system of mine ( the convertor , the battery , the cables , the keyboard .... are brand new and unused until now !)
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Re: G2M V3 to KORG Pa600. How to conect?

Postby james » Mon May 15, 2017 8:15 pm

I've never used the Pa600, and it's quite a complex piece of equipment, but I have a few suggestions for you.

Firstly, if you need to change which MIDI channel the G2M is sending MIDI on, you can do this with the DIP switches (the default is channel 1 which should be fine in most circumstances).

Secondly, MIDI pitch-bend is not scaled to a standard value. Essentially, it sends messages to bend up or down by 100%. How much "100% is depends on what the synth is set to. The G2M defaults to +/-2 semitones, which is pretty common. But if the synth is set to something different (say +/- 12 semitones) when the G2M bends by a semitone (+50%) the synth will do something different, in this case +6 semitones, so it'll be out of tune! So check the pitch-bend range (sensitivity) setting on the synth. Try to set to +/-2 semitones to match the G2M. The G2M can be set to a few different ranges using the DIP switches (see "Bend" on the battery door sticker).

Note that the G2M will send a "pitch bend sensitivity" message that tells the synth what pitch-bend range to use. But not all synths support this, so it doesn't always work.

Finally, you need to configure the Pa600 to work with an external MIDI input. I downloaded the manual and found a section on Page 271 called "The Global Channel" it says an external MIDI devices (you can think of the G2M as an external "master keyboard") must send on the Global Channel. You you need to make sure you setup the Master channel, and set the G2M MIDI output channel to match this.

"Connecting Pa600 to an external sequencer". This should be relevant to using the G2M -- just think of the G2M as a sequencer, although it's just sending one MIDI channel.
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