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Re: G2M/B2M with Sax live

Postby jdsmusic » Sun May 19, 2019 2:34 pm

I am using the G2m on a tenor sax in a live environment with a Samson Airline wireless bell clipon mic. The Samson mic receiver has two outputs, one (XLR) goes into the mixing console. The other (1/4") is going to a noise gate with the output of the gate going into the G2m. The midi output is going into a Roland XV-5050 with Patchman Wind Controller patches.

I am using a patch for a horns section (trumpet, alto sax, trombone). For the most part it works but I occasionally get wrong notes derived. Can you please give me some tips to resolve this? The last post was back in September 2018 where reference was made to some additional testing. Was this ever done?

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Re: G2M/B2M with Sax live

Postby Windblower » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:13 pm

I saw a similar video but the sax guy was using a software solution meant for guitars. I tried his set up but found right off the bat that a mic is not the way to go if you are going to use the set up with an amp or in a band. His video was done in a studio, just like this one, and he had earphones on so there was no external monitor to mess with the midi transmission. I then ordered Piezo Barrel pick ups for my clarinet, tenor and alto. The software had too many settings and it was cpu intensive but I was about 75% satisfied. I still would not rehearse with the band with it as there were still too many false notes and notes hanging cause they didn't get the note off signal. I purchased the Sonuus G2Mv3 which is similar to the device in the video but it has the old din midi plug not usb. I found that the AA 1.5 v battery somehow supplied enough power to power my 5 pin din Wireless Midi Bluetooth Le dongle. That eliminated the need for a midi interface to ios or Mac. Have not noticed any latency. Started out testing with my clarinet and after setting it up for voice/wind and pitch range 2 I was amazed how well it tracked. Switching it to chromatic when using keyboard sounds is a must. If you are not in chromatic mode, I found that if the app does not allow matching the pitch bend to 2 then useably other ranges work. Bottom line, I would not suggest using a mic in a live setting. If you notice in this video there is no noticeable volume change on the midi side. That is my outstanding issue now. When plugged into a guitar with a piezo pick up with the same setting vol is picked up but when using a mic or piezo pickup on my clarinet vol is only sent at one volume level.
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