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Musical score

Postby Tom » Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:25 pm

In your literature you state that the G2M can transcribe directly to TAB. Can it transcribe to traditional musical notation?
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Re: Musical score

Postby johnmc » Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:48 am

The G2M output is standard MIDI. You can transcribe to TAB or musical score using a notation software packge such as SIbelius, Guitar Pro etc.
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Re: Musical score

Postby saunastubes » Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:09 am

Every body use MIDI to the Musical score. There are really to use of instrument and other different voices. The advantages of MIDI technology like to Compact-can hold hours of music on a single CD in MIDI format, Effective-as MIDI files are very small, almost any computer can handle MIDI technology, Strong-single inside a whole orchestra, you can create the music of your choice with ease ,Flexible-with a simple click you can change the tempo, key or tool of choice
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Re: Musical score

Postby Sareez97 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:34 am

The Sonuus G2M is very simple to use - it really is just plug and play! Plug your guitar into the input, and take the MIDI Output feed from the MIDI Out socket on the back of the unit into an interface, or a sound module, or other MIDI device. The G2M features a high impedance instrument thru output so you can use the G2M in-line with other effects before your amp, and combine your guitar output with MIDI signals without degrading your tone.

Just plug your guitar in and the unit will turn on. The volume knob should be set so that the clip light only comes on when playing hard. If the signal level is low (e.g. with single coil pickups) there is also a boost switch to ensure you get the best signal level and sustain (and hence the most accurate MIDI tracking).
Have you ever wanted to notate your music in a program like Sibelius, Logic, or Cubase, but been frustrated by trying to learn the keyboard, or use the mouse to input the notes? With the G2M, guitarists can use their own instrument to input MIDI data and transcribe their music into a DAW or notation program with ease, just by plugging in two cables!

Enhance live performances with MIDI

For that one song in your set with a lead synth line, you may want to use the G2M driving a synth module to make the sound instead of using a controller keyboard. Or you could mix your main guitar signal with a MIDI patch to create basslines using an octave patch, or rich harmonies using a transposed synth patch.

The G2M responds to pitch bends as well for an even more expressive and unique playing experience. You could try bending notes on a instrument that wouldn't normally be able to vary its pitch smoothly, or you could simply use a guitar synth patch to thicken up your lead lines for solos.

Recording, Composing and Practicing

If you've ever found yourself really wanting to get down your ideas for a song, but you can't play the solo fast enough, the G2M can help - just play the solo in at a slower tempo, then speed it up using the flexibility of MIDI tempo changes.
The G2M can also be used as a practice tool as you can play back and analyse the quality of your performance. MIDI tracking is most accurate when you are playing cleanly, and sometimes this is difficult at speed. With the G2M you can review the MIDI data and see where it did not mirror your playing, then practice that passage until you can play it without 'blurred' or 'dead' notes.


In addition to everything else, the G2M contains a tuner! It's even smaller and cheaper than a lot of tuners saving you gig bag space and money! All you have to do is plug in, and play a string. The tuner light will pulse faster or slower as you adjust the pitch. As the pulsing slows down, you are getting closer to the right pitch, and when it stops pulsing completely - you're there!

MIDI Technology is always evolving, and it's only really limited by your own imagination! The G2M is the first guitar to MIDI converter that is really accessible for all the previously mentioned uses and more. Most MIDI/Guitar systems are more expensive and cumbersome, and complex systems may be perceived to be more trouble than they're worth by the average guitarist.

So buy a Sonuus G2M today and enjoy the new creative possibilities of MIDI without worrying about breaking the bank... or butchering your guitar!
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Re: Musical score

Postby ghudson621 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:16 am

The tuner sounds like a great addition to the Sonnus . I'm sure the guitar would be great too. Looking forward to buying one soon. Thanks :)
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Re: Musical score

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