Er4 error code

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Er4 error code

Postby mardamitaly » Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:41 pm

Hi All, today, powering my voluum I got "Er4" error code.
The voluum doesn't work anymore. It always stay in true bypass mode.

I kindly ask to Sonuus people to help me to solve the problem.
Any suggestion? Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

P.S. My Voluum is already updated to the latest fw 1.5.01 (since the first day of use, about 5 month ago).
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Re: Er4 error code

Postby james » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:15 am

Hello Marcello,

I'm sorry to hear you are having a problem with your Voluum. This error code, combined with what you describe suggests there is a problem with the power supply for the analogue PCB in the Voluum.

I also received the email you sent, so I will reply to that and ask for your details so we can resolve this quickly for you.

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Re: Er4 error code

Postby smit » Sun May 12, 2019 9:08 am

Hi, I aso have the same issue (er4 under 1.5.01)
Please let me know what to do...This is the first time to use Voluum so hope this is not hardware problem....

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